Wednesday, July 27, 2011


  1. Where is Better Books and Cafe located?
    Take 4th ring road to salmiya, pass 30, pass fire station on right, at light (amman street) take a right, through next light, see al rashid hospital on left, proceed ahead to roundabout where you take a u-turn coming back on amman street the other way, take the first right, another right (see veg store on left), then left, after 100 meters LOOK LEFT to see RED/ORANGE DOOR leading to basement.
  2. Do we offer membership?
    We are a secondhand bookstore not library so we do not offer membership
  3. What kinds of books do we sell?
    We sell all sorts of books ranging from collectibles to coffee table reads to work books for your kids. Our genres include: fiction,  biographies, history, study material, fashion & beauty, teen fiction, kids, baby books, classics and a lot more!
  4. What is the return/exchange policy?
    If you return the books you bought from here we will give you credit worth 50% of the book you bought. This means that if you bought a book worth KD 2.000 and you returned it KD 1.000 goes towards your next purchase or store credit. Store credit can be availed for any current or future purchases.
  5. What are the store hours?
    We are open everyday from 10am - 8pm. In case of public holidays or inclement weather please call us before coming. Our contact number is 66637351.
  6. Why buy a second hand book?
    Would you rather buy a book at Virgin Mega Store for KD 7.000 or buy the same book from us for KD 2.750. Our books are cheaper and lovingly maintained.
  7. Can you donate or sell books to us?
    Yes :) You can donate books to us. If you would like to sell your books to us we will assess them and give you store credit.
  8. Do you charge for tea or coffee?
    Absolutely not, your coffee or tea is on us.
  9. Who owns Better Books & Cafe?Me
  10. How old are we?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interns review of 'Tuesdays with Morrie'

Tuesdays with Morrie
an old man, a young man and life’s greatest lesson

At the risk of baffling one, I’d describe the book tuesdays with Morrie as both casual and profoud (oxymoronic? yet true). The story describes how Mitch Albom, the author finds his was back to his old professor Morrie Schwartz fourteen years after they last met. Morrie Scwartz or Coach, as Mitch fondly refers to him, is now diagnosed with Amyotropic Lateral Sclerolsis (ALS) – a disease that leads to neural degeneration. In his final few months, when one can easily be occupied with self-pity, frustration or regrets, Morrie instead chooses to surround himself with people who love him – he chooses to celebrate life and the relationships he forged. He refuses to have his loved ones read out affectionate eulogies to his corpse and held a living funeral in place of the traditional funeral, giving his family and friends a chance to tell him how much they will miss him and also giving himself a chance to truly value all the wonderful things that had to share. Our author counts himself as the fortunate few who shared Morrie’s last days. Morrie and Mitch called it their final course together and it took place on Tuesdays. There were no pre-requisites to the course, no books were required but Mitch drafted a final thesis – this book. Every Tuesday ‘Coach’ and Mitch talked and through this connection with his favorite professor Mitch was able to re-evaluate the world, relationships, work, marriage and the importance of forgiveness in new light.
Mitch Albom’s casual conversational style lends an earthy feel to the narration making the book not just easy to grasp but also tempting to read and difficult to put down.

We currently have two copies, come by and grab your copy soon! J
Price KWD 2.500

File:Tuesdays with Morrie book cover.jpg

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Diary of an intern for the 2nd of July

Saturday is always our busiest day. Friday too, but now that the crazy dust stom has calmed down from the past few days we have had an incredible amount of customers in today. Thankfully we had some new interns who came in today (Bless their souls) and so the now diluted workload was much easier to carry and it was not one of those days which left me wildly pulling my hair apart out of frustration.
Along with selling some incredible books, we recieved some great ones like TONS of Sydney Sheldon, a couple of books by Marian Keyes' (!!), dating for dummies, a few by Jane Green, Twilight- New moon (There you go team Jacob!) etc from some amazing customers (Bless you guys too!). What was amazing about these  books were that they were all in INCREDIBLE conditions! Halfway through the books, I was shrieking with excitement. So much so that the customers started looking at me weird.
So yes, today was quite the action packed day and you might want to pop in ASAP to get a first look at all these books (Before I "Misplace" Them ;P)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review of "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink

This book, ladies and gentlemen, is about *drum rolls*... pedophiles! Allow me to explain. This book starts with a young boy of 15 years, Michael Berg, vomiting on the streets outside a house. The resident of the house, an older yet mysteriously alluring Hannah Shmitz then comes out and helps the young boy out and takes him home. What should have happened after? He should have thanked her politely when he got better and left it at that. What did happen after? He thanked her politely and then kept coming back because he couldn't stop fantasizing about her. This leads to Hannah bathing him, and then the start of a hot, torrid affair between them- a 15 year old and a 30 something year old.

Yes, he reads to her sometimes too. Yes, Hannah Shimtz is quite hot for an older lady when Kate Winslet plays her in the movie. Yes, this is an amazingly well written book that keeps you hooked throughout. But at the end of the day, this is about a pedophilic love affair. All I am saying is try and puke on the streets outside of a younger lady's house next time, future Michael Berg's!

If this is your kind of a read though, pick it up at better books for only 3.250, but hurry because we only have 2 copies left!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pictures of the new and improved store

Better Books and Cafe is a continuously evolving store and as such we have got new cubbies to accomodate the new and amazing books that we have been getting in (Thanks to you'll!). Do come in and check out our new store!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review of "The Bourne Identity"

- By intern, Adeeb Mohd.
                This book is written by one of the greatest fiction writers of all time, Robert Ludlum. This book is part of The Bourne Series, which in my opinion is the best series of his.  All three books of the series have been turned into a movie. Even the movies are really good but the book, like always, is better than the movie.
                It begins with a man who is found in the Mediterranean Sea, complete with a bullet-riddled body and a blank memory, which as you know always makes up for a good read. His memory is so bad that he doesn't even remember his name. And all he has as to a clue of who he is, is a microfilm which is surgically implanted in his hip. This movie is all about him trying to find out about his past and as he finds out the dangers that come along with his past. There are people who do NOT  want him to find out about his past and will do anything, killing him included, to not let him find out who he really is.
                This is one of the best fiction books that i have ever read and i’m sure that anyone who even remotely likes fiction or adventure will love this book.  And it is available in Better Books in Salmiya in great condition for only 2.5 KD. Even “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum” is available at Better Books in very good condition at unbelievable prices.

-By Intern, Adeeb Mohd

Review of the book “The Secret”

   By : Hassan A
        Hi, I’m an intern at Better Books Kuwait. I recently read this book called “The Secret”, which claims to speak out the secrets behind famous people’s wealth and fame. But what it’s really saying is that if you think a lot about something you really want and are looking forward to you will get it guaranteed. How you do this is , you look into yourself, you look deep down your heart for it and believe in it and you may receive it in matter of minutes. I know it sounds dumb, but it actually works!
The physics law of attraction states that like attracts unlike like in magnets, the north pole attracts the south but, what the book says is that the like attract like? The author explains it in this way, our body is a magnet and thoughts attract us, the more you think of it the more like thoughts get attracted. For example, when you think of a song, the song keeps playing in your head again and again and will eventually get stuck in your grey matters for the rest of the day!
To find out more about the secret, get yourself a copy from our store for just 2.5 KD. 


Review of "Butterfly Man"

Dayyan Adoor

Butterfly Man
          Jeffery Lee’s “Butterfly Man” is a must-read for fiction readers. The novel takes us through a dramatic journey filled with revenge, betrayal, greed and love. The story begins in the island of Xcalan along the coast of Mexico where former Argonaut soldier, Burr Whitman is living a new life hoping that he has left behind his traumatic past. However, Burr is lured back into the world of violence and bloodshed when a new mission offers him a chance to save his island from oil miners and also investigate the mysterious disappearance of his old friend.
          Burr along with his Argonaut mercenary is hired to recapture the city of Madero from rebels for the private Gem Corporation. The city of Madero is filled with emerald mines. Human greed for the rich, natural green crystal had created a long epic battle between the rebels and the Military squad of the Gem Corp. The war between rival groups and the mystery behind El Verde, a fabled city believed to have some of the world’s most precious emeralds leads Burr into shifting alliance plagued with betrayal. The carnage mounts until the stage where even the survival of the forest is at stake. Eventually, Burr finds himself fighting not only to gain his pay cheque but also for his very own existence!
          - The novel is available in Better Book Store in Salmiya for only 2.250 KD.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Book review of "Jane Eyre"

             As the revered author of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, would begin "hello dear reader." After reading Jane Eyre twice, the first time simply to enjoy it and the the second time with the intention of critically analysing it, it became apparent to me that the protagonist encapsulates the nature of women  - not only during the Victorian era but also in modern day.
This is apparent as Jane Eyre strived to achieve equality with her fellow males while also trying to become independent from those around her, eventually, her desires are fulfilled as she is to wed a wealthy man. Although, like any other woman of a modern or Victorian mentality, she feels unworthy of receiving those that she desired the most as she deems herself to be simply: not good enough.
Later on, Jane Eyre continues with several monologues where she questions her personality , background and her religious ethics; simultaneously, she wonders on whether she would ever have another chance to gain those that she desires the most. In comparison to modern women, these traits are apparent as even they wonder on the same topics, including: taxes; gender conversion; and men. Ranging between the two, the schizophrenic nature of women in general is portrayed through the character of Jane Eyre.
To be fair, men are not completely  innocent as well – as they are also equally lambasted by Charlotte Bronte in her novel. This is done through the scandalous Mr.Rochester, who attempts polygamy but fails shamefully. Men nowadays would ostracize him as being 'not man enough' or label him as being 'whipped' in reference to his inability to break away from his relationship duties to Jane Eyre.
Whereas Jane Eyre would be welcomed into a pool of women who schizophrenically moan about the different types of nail polish on sale, outlined with their unworthiness to buy them – since they are supposedly sacrificing themselves for the better of those around them.
After reading it , and writing copious quantities of essays, I am left wondering: if women perceive themselves so undeserving , then why ask for anything in the first place ? and if a men define masculinity by the ability to be adulterous, then why expect fidelity ? For these reasons, I have label the novel Jane Eyre as being epitaph to the hypocritical nature of men and women before and today as it's plot seems to rely on both characters committing the classical mistakes of many men and women before them, as also today. 

By intern, Mr J

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reviews of "the monk who sold his ferrari"

I resisted reading "The monk who sold his ferrari" by Robin Sharma for a long time because I thought the title was gimmicky. I realized that I was being closed to new ideas by literally judging a book by its cover and title so I picked up the book. However, now I am glad I read the book because it gave me access to age-old wisdom in an easy-to-read fable. The book is about Julian Mantle, a high profile lawyer who imparts the wisdom taught to him by some Himalayan gurus via a fable. The fable starts in a magnificient garden with a lighthouse in the middle of the grounds. Out of the lighthouse walks a 9 foot tall 900 pound Sumo Wrestler who falls on a stop watch that's been lying on the floor and loses consciousness. The wrestler then wakes up to the fresh gragrence of the yellow roses coming from a distance which he proceeds to look for. Thus he discovers that there is a diamond studded pathway which he takes...
Buy the book at Better Books to read this exciting story and find your inner-soul!

By intern, Priyanka Oberoi

This book takes you from the life of a busy American lawyer who faces a "near- to- death" experience to the vast ranges of the Himalayas in a quest to relieve himself physically as well as spiritually. But nothing is free, as the monks tell him, and so he is asked to return and spread the secrets of Yoga to the people in return. So he goes and gives all the secrets to his best friend.

By intern, Mustafa Bokesmati

Review of "Where Rainbow's end"

The most spectacular fact about "Where Rainbow's end" is that its entirely made up of notes, emails, letters, Im's etc. This book by Best selling author of "Cecelia Ahern" follows the story of Alex and Rosie's friendship since childhood. But can they handle remaining best friends forever once they grow up or will life's troubles create rifts between them? Or are they meant to be more just best friends? The way this amazing romantic comedy has been written gives us an insight into their private lives by making us feel like part of the story. This is definitely a book to pick up if you are into Romantic Comedy and if you liked "PS I love you" you will LOVE this!
Pick it up at Better Books for only KD 2.000!

By intern, Khadeeja Narangoli

Review of The Children's Book of Virtues.

What a wonderful book. A book full of stories with morals you would like your child to learn. It is the ideal storybook for the parents and children to read together. Virtues such as courage, responsibility and compassion are discussed in a very interesting manner. By this book the author aims to teach the children some morals which should be grown in the child’s personality in order to be a better person in future.The book is just 3 KD. Written by William J. Bennett.By intern Mohamed Fouad.
This book edited by William J. Bennett is a great book for children because it teaches children about virtues which  is the most important thing, in my opinions at least. This book teaches children about virtues such as courage, responsibility, perseverance, responsibility, work, self- discipline, compassion, faith, honesty, loyalty and friendship. I would recommend this book for two reasons- firstly, because virtues are very important for children and secondly this store will buy me an Iphone if this book sells!
By intern, Adeeb Mohd

Review of Salt by Interns

Did you know that salt can save your money ? Did you know that salt can clean your teeth.. There are lot more uses of salt than you might even know. Christine Halvorson's "Salt " shares over 100 terrific tips and tricks using salt. Salt can help you escape the trouble.. If you want the to hide the blood on your shirt from your folks or even clean the stains you spilled on the carpet, salt provides you with 100's of solutions. So, come and buy "Salt" to insure yourself.
- By intern Dayyan.

Review: Over 100 helpful household hints with salt.
That is such an awesome book. A book which gives you a 100 solution for your household using the most found element used in our food namely “salt”.  Solutions varying from cleaning the kitchen with salt to using salt for your dogs and pets. This book is a must-buy for housewives. The book also contains recipes for youngsters such as:
“Salt dough:
1 cup salt
4 cups all purpose flour
Medium bowl
1.5 cup water
Rolling pin2 tablespoons veg. oil” (continuation will be found in the book when you purchase it.)
The book is a 1.5 K.D. hard cover book written by Christine Halvorson. – 
by intern Mohamed fouad

Friday, June 10, 2011

Diary entry from an intern for the 10th of June

Today was a very busy day for us! We got some amazing books by bestseller authors such as Robert Harris, Robert Ludlum and Lee Child and we ended up meeting a few new customers as well. Also, since today the gavel club and toastmasters were also in sessions we ended up meeting a lot of kids as well (and discreetly picking up a few public speaking techniques too ;P).
Also, tonight was the first movie night. 'Rio' was on today and we had a few kids who came in to watch it, hopefully we'll end up with a lot more people for the next movie ("Eat, Pray, Love' on Wednesday from 6.30) though because then only will it truly seem like a proper movie night!
So come one, come all on Wednesday!

By intern, Khadeeja Narangoli

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughts on "Razpunzel"

This is a book about parents who longed for a child and when they finally for a child, what did they do? They messed it up by creeping into an enchantress' garden and stealing some mere vegetables. They lost their much wanted child simply because of their greed! If they had been able to suppress their greed for a vegetable (!), they wouldn't have lost their child to the evil witch and have her locked up for so long. But then again, if that hadn't happened she wouldn't have met her prince. So what is the moral of the story? Be greedy and your daughter might get a prince?

This book talks about two parents who always longed for a child. They were afraid that they would never get one but one day they were finally blessed with a child. During this period the monther became impatient and greedy and ended up sacrificing her daughter to the evil enchantress for some rapunzels. But then, they got their daughter back PLUS a prince. And so they lived happily ever after!

Why would you subject your children to a fascist book like this? Hidden under the pretense of a children's fairytale, is a book dealing with dehumanizing babies to be bartered with vegetables, and using the long and beautiful hair of the enslaved "daughter" to climb up the tall castle she is enslaved in, and feeding her lies to make sure that she stays with the enchanted witch. All I can say is, the evil enchantress kinda sounds like an old day pedohile

Rapunzel is the story of an evil enchantress who apparently wants a baby daughter so bad that she tricked the parents into bartering her for vegetables which the greedy parents readily agreed with. However that ended up with Rapunzel getting the man of her dreams so maybe parents what you need to do to ensure a good husband for your daughters is to give them away to witches! Its a pity we don't find as many witches around though.

Rapunzel is a story full of morals to be taught to kids such as if an old lady raises you and she hides you in a tall castle, that is not your real mother she is an KIDNAPPER! And seriously? The prince is a PRINCE, couldn't he get like the army or something and attack the enchantress and free the princess? I honestly, can't believe this is a classic fairytale!

Review of "Rachel's holiday" by Marian Keyes

One of my favorite books by Irish author Marian Keyes, this book deals with Rachel's life and her problem with drug addiction. We go through this book from Rachel's perspective, amd so as the book starts out we believe, as does Rachel, that her problem isn't as severe as her parents, boyfriend and best friend makes it out to be. Yet to please her parents (and to possibly meet some celebrities) she allows herself to be admitted into Cloisters, Ireland's answer to the Betty Ford clinic and there we discover how much she was actually addicted to using chemicals to deal with life's trouble and the kind of person that turned her into.
As Boston Globe says this is a "hilarious...coming-of-age journey of love and self discovery...propelled by its unforgettable heroine". This is romantic comedy at its best and definitely a must- by! Add it to your collection from Better Books for only KD 3.750!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Better Books ventures into the Blogosphere

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