Monday, June 20, 2011

Review of the book “The Secret”

   By : Hassan A
        Hi, I’m an intern at Better Books Kuwait. I recently read this book called “The Secret”, which claims to speak out the secrets behind famous people’s wealth and fame. But what it’s really saying is that if you think a lot about something you really want and are looking forward to you will get it guaranteed. How you do this is , you look into yourself, you look deep down your heart for it and believe in it and you may receive it in matter of minutes. I know it sounds dumb, but it actually works!
The physics law of attraction states that like attracts unlike like in magnets, the north pole attracts the south but, what the book says is that the like attract like? The author explains it in this way, our body is a magnet and thoughts attract us, the more you think of it the more like thoughts get attracted. For example, when you think of a song, the song keeps playing in your head again and again and will eventually get stuck in your grey matters for the rest of the day!
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  1. I read this book after I have heard a lot about it, so I didn't know what I should be expecting. The only thing which I found useful is the idea to be positive and to think positive, but I prefer to maybe go for different books in the same category, for me this book doesn't worth all that reputation. After all this my opinion, maybe some people will agree some people will say the opposite.

  2. i too agree with the fact that what you desire comes around sooner or later, a notion well accepted and spread worldwide by Coelho