Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review of "The Bourne Identity"

- By intern, Adeeb Mohd.
                This book is written by one of the greatest fiction writers of all time, Robert Ludlum. This book is part of The Bourne Series, which in my opinion is the best series of his.  All three books of the series have been turned into a movie. Even the movies are really good but the book, like always, is better than the movie.
                It begins with a man who is found in the Mediterranean Sea, complete with a bullet-riddled body and a blank memory, which as you know always makes up for a good read. His memory is so bad that he doesn't even remember his name. And all he has as to a clue of who he is, is a microfilm which is surgically implanted in his hip. This movie is all about him trying to find out about his past and as he finds out the dangers that come along with his past. There are people who do NOT  want him to find out about his past and will do anything, killing him included, to not let him find out who he really is.
                This is one of the best fiction books that i have ever read and i’m sure that anyone who even remotely likes fiction or adventure will love this book.  And it is available in Better Books in Salmiya in great condition for only 2.5 KD. Even “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum” is available at Better Books in very good condition at unbelievable prices.

-By Intern, Adeeb Mohd

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