Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review of Salt by Interns

Did you know that salt can save your money ? Did you know that salt can clean your teeth.. There are lot more uses of salt than you might even know. Christine Halvorson's "Salt " shares over 100 terrific tips and tricks using salt. Salt can help you escape the trouble.. If you want the to hide the blood on your shirt from your folks or even clean the stains you spilled on the carpet, salt provides you with 100's of solutions. So, come and buy "Salt" to insure yourself.
- By intern Dayyan.

Review: Over 100 helpful household hints with salt.
That is such an awesome book. A book which gives you a 100 solution for your household using the most found element used in our food namely “salt”.  Solutions varying from cleaning the kitchen with salt to using salt for your dogs and pets. This book is a must-buy for housewives. The book also contains recipes for youngsters such as:
“Salt dough:
1 cup salt
4 cups all purpose flour
Medium bowl
1.5 cup water
Rolling pin2 tablespoons veg. oil” (continuation will be found in the book when you purchase it.)
The book is a 1.5 K.D. hard cover book written by Christine Halvorson. – 
by intern Mohamed fouad

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