Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughts on "Razpunzel"

This is a book about parents who longed for a child and when they finally for a child, what did they do? They messed it up by creeping into an enchantress' garden and stealing some mere vegetables. They lost their much wanted child simply because of their greed! If they had been able to suppress their greed for a vegetable (!), they wouldn't have lost their child to the evil witch and have her locked up for so long. But then again, if that hadn't happened she wouldn't have met her prince. So what is the moral of the story? Be greedy and your daughter might get a prince?

This book talks about two parents who always longed for a child. They were afraid that they would never get one but one day they were finally blessed with a child. During this period the monther became impatient and greedy and ended up sacrificing her daughter to the evil enchantress for some rapunzels. But then, they got their daughter back PLUS a prince. And so they lived happily ever after!

Why would you subject your children to a fascist book like this? Hidden under the pretense of a children's fairytale, is a book dealing with dehumanizing babies to be bartered with vegetables, and using the long and beautiful hair of the enslaved "daughter" to climb up the tall castle she is enslaved in, and feeding her lies to make sure that she stays with the enchanted witch. All I can say is, the evil enchantress kinda sounds like an old day pedohile

Rapunzel is the story of an evil enchantress who apparently wants a baby daughter so bad that she tricked the parents into bartering her for vegetables which the greedy parents readily agreed with. However that ended up with Rapunzel getting the man of her dreams so maybe parents what you need to do to ensure a good husband for your daughters is to give them away to witches! Its a pity we don't find as many witches around though.

Rapunzel is a story full of morals to be taught to kids such as if an old lady raises you and she hides you in a tall castle, that is not your real mother she is an KIDNAPPER! And seriously? The prince is a PRINCE, couldn't he get like the army or something and attack the enchantress and free the princess? I honestly, can't believe this is a classic fairytale!

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