Monday, June 13, 2011

Book review of "Jane Eyre"

             As the revered author of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, would begin "hello dear reader." After reading Jane Eyre twice, the first time simply to enjoy it and the the second time with the intention of critically analysing it, it became apparent to me that the protagonist encapsulates the nature of women  - not only during the Victorian era but also in modern day.
This is apparent as Jane Eyre strived to achieve equality with her fellow males while also trying to become independent from those around her, eventually, her desires are fulfilled as she is to wed a wealthy man. Although, like any other woman of a modern or Victorian mentality, she feels unworthy of receiving those that she desired the most as she deems herself to be simply: not good enough.
Later on, Jane Eyre continues with several monologues where she questions her personality , background and her religious ethics; simultaneously, she wonders on whether she would ever have another chance to gain those that she desires the most. In comparison to modern women, these traits are apparent as even they wonder on the same topics, including: taxes; gender conversion; and men. Ranging between the two, the schizophrenic nature of women in general is portrayed through the character of Jane Eyre.
To be fair, men are not completely  innocent as well – as they are also equally lambasted by Charlotte Bronte in her novel. This is done through the scandalous Mr.Rochester, who attempts polygamy but fails shamefully. Men nowadays would ostracize him as being 'not man enough' or label him as being 'whipped' in reference to his inability to break away from his relationship duties to Jane Eyre.
Whereas Jane Eyre would be welcomed into a pool of women who schizophrenically moan about the different types of nail polish on sale, outlined with their unworthiness to buy them – since they are supposedly sacrificing themselves for the better of those around them.
After reading it , and writing copious quantities of essays, I am left wondering: if women perceive themselves so undeserving , then why ask for anything in the first place ? and if a men define masculinity by the ability to be adulterous, then why expect fidelity ? For these reasons, I have label the novel Jane Eyre as being epitaph to the hypocritical nature of men and women before and today as it's plot seems to rely on both characters committing the classical mistakes of many men and women before them, as also today. 

By intern, Mr J


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